Petite Brunette Onyx Viper Wants to Be A Model – Fake Agent


Petite brunette Onyx Viper wants to be a model in order to pay for more language lessons. Onyx works at a clothing retail store, but she’s not making enough money. On top of that she feels stuck at a dead end job and wants out as soon as possible. Thus, she decided to take a jab at modelling. She knows the pay is great and it’s something that she definitely would love to do as a long term career. So on her day off from work, Onyx Viper decided to visit a local modelling studio and ask for an audition.

Her blind determination to become a model had driven her straight into the offices of Fake Agent. What she thought was a fashion modelling studio, in fact was a porn studio as she would soon find out. But regardless of this significant detail, Onyx would follow through with her audition and  land herself a contract before leaving.

When Onyx got there she was greeted by the fake agent who then proceeded to interview her. The petite brunette, Onyx Viper, confessed to wanting to quit her current job. She was on a path to becoming a polyglot and wanted to learn more languages. When the interview concluded, the fake agent made Onyx pose for a few shots right then and there. The pictures started off innocently, but after a dozen of so shots she was asked to get naked. The cute brunette gladly complied and began posing nude for the lens.

It was at this point that the fake agent informed Onyx that this was in fact a porn studio, and that they would have to fuck if she wanted to work there. Needless to say they fucked like bunnies for a good half an our. Onyx Viper totally loved it!