Sexy Blonde Lucy Shy Fucks for Money – Public Agent

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Sexy blonde Lucy Shy fucks for money on the stairs of an apartment complex. The Public Agent, Martin, spotted a cute blonde walking around a shopping center looking sexy as hell. When he got close enough to get a good look a her, he was amazed by the way her booty looked in them jeans. As you know, the Public Agent is never the one to pass up a good booty like hers, so he caught up to the sexy blonde for a quick chat and to give her his usual spiel.

Martin said he worked for a modeling agency and was on the hunt for new talent. He complimented Lucy on her good looks, which put a smile on her face and then offered her a chance to audition. He explained that she would have to model nude for him in order to see what she was working with. The sexy blonde Lucy Shy wasn’t to keen on the idea of modeling nude, however when the talk of money came up she changed her mind. So after taking the money Lucy and Martin headed to her apartment building in order to carry out the modeling audition.

The horny Public Agent Martin, couldn’t wait to see her naked, so as soon as they were indoors he made Lucy strip for him before even getting to her apartment. Lucy flashed her sexy big tits in the stairway that led to her floor, which was good enough for Martin. He liked her sexy big natural tits, so he offered her more money in exchange for sex. The cute blonde didn’t give it much thought and accepted he money. Within seconds Martin was fucking Lucy in doggystyle and missionary in the public area of the building. Lucy didn’t mind she was all smiles.