Sexy Blonde Waitress Kristine Fucks Customer – Public Agent

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Sexy blonde waitress Kristine fucks one of her customers in a small bathroom in exchange for a large amount of cash. The Public Agent, Jakub, was having a cup of coffee at a local cafe before going off to scout for sexy chicks when he encountered a sexy blonde waitress. Jakub recognized her as being an old friend of his sister, and when he mentioned his sisters name to her, she immediately knew who he was. She introduced herself as Kristine and then asked what the camera was for. Jakub explained that he was doing interviews, before asking her if she’d be willing to sit down for an interview herself.

Kristine was hesitant as it was a busy day at the cafe, but ultimately agreed for a quick chat. The Public Agent was blunt with Kristine from the beginning, and asked her if she would be willing to suck his cock for some money. He had already given her a large tip at this point, however his offer really offended Kristine. Thus, she stood up from the table, threw back the money he’d given her and walked.

The sexy blonde waitress Kristine reconsidered his offer and returned to his table a few moments later. What he was offering was significantly more than she made in a whole month as a waitress, so she accepted his offer. As it turns out, Kristine wasn’t so innocent after all. She ushered Jakub into a small bathroom where she promptly began sucking his fat cock. Kristine sucked on his cock like it was the first one she’d seen in years. Jakub asked her if she’d ever done this before, but she hushed him and kept sucking. Soon after he plowed her big ass in doggystyle and missionary before blasting her tight cunt with cum.