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Sexy Czech blonde Milena fucks a fake talent agent who promised her lots of work and money. The gorgeous blonde chick Milena was looking for modeling jobs when she came in contact with Tomas. Tomas claimed to be a talent scout and agent that could help her land big gigs and lots of money. The naive Sexy Czech blonde, Milena believed every word he said and thus found herself in the infamous casting couch. She was so desperate for work and cash in general, that she would have believed anything that came out of Tomas’ mouth.

Tomas schedule her to come into his «office» the next day and she did. Milena arrived at the place all dolled up in high heels, black mesh stockings, a miniskirt and a bright pink blouse. She wanted to make a big impression for what she thought would be her first day on the job. As soon as she entered the building she was greeted by Tomas and a guy holding a camera. They sat on a couch and the camera guy proceeded to ask Milena some questions, as she answered Tomas began caressing her legs. He did this for a while until Milena started feeling comfortable around him and then he slid his hand up her pussy.

She was wearing bright pink panties, which were totally visible from the angle the camera was pointing. After a few more chit chat, the sexy blonde Czech Milena understood what was going on and responded accordingly. She began grabbing Tomas’ crotch and then unzipped his pants to go for the kill. She sucked his cock as Tomas moved her panties to the side and started rubbing her bare pussy. Milena was wet and ready for cock. Milena fucked on that couch with a smile on her face.