Sexy Czech Teen Lenka Fucks Stranger at Nightclub – Czech Streets

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Sexy Czech teen Lenka fucks a stranger she met at a club while dancing. That stranger happened to be the Czech Streets producer, whom was looking for some naughty ladies to fuck. He’d been scouting the club all night until he spotted a cute blonde chick dancing all alone. That chick happened to be Lenka. When he approached her he complimented her good looks, making emphasis on her beautiful eyes and mouth. She took the compliments with a smile and accepted his offer to talk in a more private area.

Lenka and the camera man retreated to a quiet table where they started chatting. The guy was blunt from the very beginning by offering Lenka money to suck his dick right then and there. She was taken aback by what he said and stated that she wasn’t a whore. He tried to explain himself and pulled out a wad of money for her to look at. When sexy Czech teen Lenka saw the money she felt more at ease and ultimately accepted his offer. He handed her a large sum of cash which she quickly stuffed in her pocket and then proceeded to get down to dirty business.

Lenka got on her knees and begun sucking his solid cock under the table. She was really working that thing like a lollipop with her sexy lips. Lenka was 18 but she sucked cock like a college party slut. After the sloppy wet blowjob, Lenka felt comfortable enough to fuck him in the booth. She laid down on the bench behind the table and let the stranger fuck her tight wet pussy in missionary position. The naughty babe was enjoying the pounding she was receiving, she couldn’t stop moaning and begging for more cock. Lenka turned out to be a real slut.