Wild Lesbian Pool Party With More Than 100 Chicks – Czech Lesbians

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Wild lesbian pool party with more than 100 chicks getting freaking with one another is a total success. What started off as just a crazy idea between a small group of heart broken friends, turned into one of the wildest parties of the entire year. The small group of friends did not expect for their small retreat to turn into a full blown house party full of other man-hating chicks. Somehow word had spread around town about a kick back party at a local Air B & B for recently dumped girls. Slowly, but consistently more and more ladies began showing up at the Air B & B until the entire house was packed with heart broken chicks.

As was expected, the group of friends brought liquor for themselves, however most of the ladies that showed up later on also brought their own booze. All these ladies wanted to do was forget about the grief their ex-boyfriends and husbands had cause them. So they ended up enjoying themselves by drinking and dancing all night long. But as the alcohol began to take effect, feelings and cellphones started coming out, so phone calls were made to their respective exes.

The phone calls did not go down as expected, which ultimately led to more drinking and partying. So, by midnight every single lady in the room was horny and need of a rough pounding. But since there was no dicks around to fuck they turned on each other. Pussy, fingers and tongues were flying around carelessly while moans of pleasure filled the house. This small retreat had turned into a wild lesbian pool party and every was loving it. These chicks didn’t need cock after all. What they were craving all along was the tender touch of a woman. Best lesbian party ever!